Solo exhibition, Galería Cànem. From 18th of may 'til 6th of july, 2019.

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Cànem Galeria is delighted to announce the third solo exhibition of Spanish artist Mar Arza at the gallery, in which she addresses the notion of being and its loss through the concept she coined as enser, centred in the notion of Being. Featuring Arza's latest works, this exhibition displays the development of her visual language while revealing an increasing complexity of her practice. This show represents her most personal and delicate one at the time.

«In the presence, in existence, in your being. The word enser comes from the desire to inventory all possessions, as well as a certain desire for exhaustiveness. In the past, when we recall and name what we came across, we wrote it down as “in being” just to differentiate what we found from what is not present, which does not exist accordingly. In this way, what was found was confirmed against what was not present. Having in being is then reflected in writing in ordered columns that list the presence, while absence is revealed in silence.

The ascertainment and questioning if something is present is a constant in life after an irreparable loss. After the disappearance of being, an internal and continuous process of verification starts. It is in the non-being, where the physical resistance to accept the silence of the daily voice is manifested, in the hopeful, consoling expectation of hearing it again, always to the point of auguring and projecting its echo into the sounding board of memory. So that an extension of being continues to be and remains present through the various materialities that populate the shared life recesses.

Furthermore, in the original form of the word, the nominalisation of the expression in its plural form: Enseres – Belongings – refers to the possessions as a whole, objects, furniture, household or professional tools and instruments that are necessary for the exercise of a profession. Everything is necessary to the artistic profession, especially the unnecessary. In order to create a work of art, all the unnecessary becomes necessary. Everything that is material as well as everything that is immaterial like experiences, conversations, memories, fears and sorrows. Everything, from everyday to unheard objects or discards, are collected with the sole function of their presence in being, in their being, in order to delve into the reminiscences and evocations, into the targets or gaps, into the meanings of this irreparable life in its account of absences of unpronounceable pain.

In this gathering of presences to conjure up emptiness, in this search for the exact perimeter of loss, griefs and thoughts come together. Presences that insistently sustain the voice of absence. Presences that collapse the uncertain practice of trying to pronounce that which has no body of speech, attracting numerous questions: facing loss raises the question of whether the absence is certainly somewhere inaccessible to understanding.

This exhibition brings the undeniable presence of the most loved; it recounts the immaterial that has been subtracted from the experience of life; it condenses every look, every gesture, and it gives substance to the loss in a plural form. It is, in fact, an allegory of the reality of the artistic, in its capacity to materialize what is absent in form.

On the other side of the mirror of the word enser appears a belly, a centre, a bark, a breath, an alliance, an aurora, a forest. On the other side of the mirror, in its twists and turns, objects bring hidden feelings to the surface. In this inventory of life, one can find objects that have been carved out of a beautiful dark mime of the immaterial».