«THROUGH a street of judgements
a metaphor
has no option but to escape

The purple thread initiates a journey with a constant rhythm through the warp made of white thinner threads. Line by line, a piece of cloth similar to a page is weaved and stretched inside a wood frame. A continuous and patient labour that progresses as days, as hours, as conversations go by. This weaved page seems to illuminate what is not yet announced, it is a potential space of creation and writing.

As the Parcae [The Fates] were in charge of tracing human destiny weaving life along the coordinates of time and space; this particular fragment of reality is limited to a rudimentary loom where to weave not only the flow of hours but its thoughts. Some words are in between the threads, they compose a poem that can be read along the fabric. The analogy of the textile and the textual is set together in he same piece of work. It almost seems an open mouth with an intricate system of vocal cords ready to utter a voice.

The action of weaving, knitting or embroidering has a strange force behind, able to suspend the notion of time. It is an occupation that requires concentration and persistence. A reiterated gesture that leads to the asceticism of plenitude. The continuous thread seems to compose a particular writing that blends the need to put order into chaos, to combine what is apparently discordant in the same page. An existing and resisting fabric.


There is an expression in Spanish that says: “en tela de juicio” when referring to bring into question, to cast doubt on something. Where “tela” means cloth, and “juicio” means judgement or sanity. The criterion by which a person can be considered sane or insane is mostly a fine blurred line. In the same way, the basis on which to consider something artistic and legitimated as Art is barely random and unsteady.

If Art is a radical process that introduces disturbance to the natural way of looking at what it surrounds us, a kind of “rupture in the authority of the real”, theses weaved pages with intersected texts, pretend to cast doubts on the attitude of engaged and obsessed work, in the very limit of the so called sanity. A tacit pact of intertwining cords so then holding lucidity, to that extreme point that leads to doubt. Then the limit in between madness and good sense is mobile and sets a space of consideration and negotiation.

Mar Arza

These works have been exhibited in:"Manualmente", Galeria Maserre, Barcelona. November-December, 2014.