Etymology: 17th Century: via Latin phosphorus,
from Greek: light-bringing.

Octavio Paz narrates in his book: La llama doble (The double flame), how history of Poetry is inseparable
from history of Love, as literary innovations affect our understanding of romantic relationships, as well
as any change in mentality is reflected also in writing. A mutual interaction that goes along other
favourable circumstances as the progressive individuation of women and their liberation.

The metaphor that Paz uses is crystal-clear: The original and fundamental fire which is sexuality, rises
a red flame which is eroticism. And this flame sustains another flame on top, blue and trembling: the
flame of love, the double flame of life. For him, Poetry is to Language the same as Eroticism is to Love.
Language is lifted, separated from its strictly communicative function. Same as Eroticism, that becomes
a ritual, separated from sexuality and its strictly reproductive function.

If one takes the metaphor to the limit, the search of fire could be compared to the search of love, and
all the difficulties involved.


Matches have a wood stick and a red head containing phosphorus which is flammable by friction and
heat. The oxidizing rough surface, placed on the sides of the cardboard box that contains the matches,
causes the spark that will set fire.

This bright orange box otherwise, has no abrader. The only surface to cause friction is placed in each
one of the wood trunks of the matches, where there is a fragment of text. Each match has a verse
tattooed in its body, hence it cannot spark off by itself. It will need contact with others, as it happens
in human relationships.

Language and poems composed by it, appear here as a detonator of feelings, able to produce desire
and excess, conflict and distress. Verses are projected on the desired body and therefore they impel to
establish communication, to interact bodies and heads. All mixed in the box, the matches compose a
poem that can be read in many ways, combined by the chance of movements or the choice of the

Poetry then can serve to light the flame of love and illuminate reciprocal affection of lovers. Language
lightens and enlightens...

Material inflamable... [ Flammable material], 2014.
Matches, cardboard, glass, paper.
18 x 9 x 4 cm.