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These series refers to contemporary history in Spain, where restoration of democracy for more than forty years now, contrasts with the almost impossibility of reviewing implications, facts and consequences inherited from the civil war period, repression afterwards, and a following long dictatorship. This work remarks in a subtile and poetical manner the consequences of political oblivion over the victims of this period. Victims condemned to obscurity and silence. Victims still attached to a battlefield.

Memory is condensed into an everyday object: a picture frame. Although in this one there is no image. It is not possible to see any portrait or landscape. Instead, a whitish, dry, cracked mass takes the place of memory. A portion of earth compressed between two crystals closed on themselves. Through them one can perceive an irregular relief of disturbance and helplessness that crosses the sleeping lap of recent history. In this reduced space cracks abound, but not yet enough to exhume the courage to sow piety in the fields and ditches. We still have a half-written history and a half-dictated law that does not promote reparation for dignity and justice.

A wall, previously unnoticed, confused in mist, is what the perennial victims of history find once and another. A wall that appears veiled in indifference, confusion, abandonment and oblivion. There it is, in front of us, without going back one iota. It becomes event more blatant every time we bend down to dig a grave: it does not even let us put a spoon in it.

Memories are eroded, cracked, fractured, rearranged. What should have been a precious and subtle pearly fine porcelain —an urn to life restored— remains in austere clay, in dust... perhaps a vestige impregnated with hidden phrases of audacity in the open, subject to the inclemencies of oblivion.

[CLOUDINESS]. Antique wooden frame, raw porcelain. 38 x 26 cm. 2014.

[CLOUDY WALLS]. Brass and glass picture frame, raw porcelain, text. 20 x 15 cm. 2014.

Then a slit, through which a beam of light is filtered and falls on photosensitive paper. It leaves a trace of black burning. It even draws a tangle of roads still to be travelled and dug. While the immaculate white of the unpronounceable there remains immovable and unexposed to the light.

[PAIN+SOLITUDE]. Grietas de luz sobre papel fotosensible y texto. 37 x 26 cm. 2014.

Using the photogram technique, where a photographic image is been obtained with no camera but with direct objects on top of the photographic paper. Fine sheets of porcelain have been placed over photosensitive paper. As the porcelain plate is broken, fractures are created on the surface. Light filters thought the fracture and arrives to the photographic paper exposing and burning the fine lines of the exact crack above. Whiteness and its silence its been finally broken because of these black crevices that express a doubt, a cry, a shout about to explode. As secrets should be also unveiled. The map of the unsaid is been incipiently set but it still has to be dug up and stated properly.